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You Are My Sunshine: Fine Art (Window)

You Are My Sunshine: Fine Art (Window)


I know, I know, my mother sang this song to me too. It's just a great memory most of us share in our own special way. Imagine this beautiful work of art hanging on your wall for years to come, then on your children's walls for years after that. It is the perfect family heirloom just waiting to be.


This window has a frosted background behind the artwork. You will still be able to see the color of your pretty walls behind it.


This is a reclaimed window that was once headed for the junk yard. The art is actually created on the Backside of the window, meaning it has been drawn in reverse. 


We recomend Not placing window over a child's bed or anyplace it may become a hazzard. It is a heavy window after all. 


For Interiors ONLY. Please do not put outside unless it can be protected from elements. 


The window has a long rope at the top and includes Picture hooks on the back for extra security.


Windows will be packaged and shipped by UPS. Some delay may take place between dropping off window for packaging and actual shipment. We will notify of expected delivery date once the window is dropped off.

  • Return Policy:

    There will be no returns made on this product. 

  • Care Instructions:

    Caring for your window is amazingly easy. It is just like any other window in the front. The artwork is on the back of the window, For this side NO CLEANER MAY BE USED. If back side becomes dusty, simply clean with a dry warm cloth. 

    Artist signature is on the back of the window.

  • Size Of Window:

    Height: 25 inches 

    Width: 36 Inches

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