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Art On Windows: Fine Art Collection

Art On Windows: Fine Art Collection

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Our Amazing Painted Windows are the absolute best! Each window was once designated for the trash. We saved them, cleaned them, and painstakingly hand painted them, and then created beautiful artwork  in reverse on the back of the glass. Once it hangs on the wall it becomes an instant masterpiece to your home/office decor that everyone will talk about. 


  • Sizes of windows vary. 


  • The front of the window can be cleaned with any cleaner for glass, the back should only be cleaned with a warm dry cloth to protect the paint.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Windows come with picture hooks on the back and a rope at the top. We recommend using both the hooks and rope to secure artwork.


DO NOT PLACE OVER BED OR WITH IN REACH OF CHILDREN. We are going to state the obvious here: Windows have glass and glass can break. Art should be looked at but not touched. We recommend Not placing window over a child's bed or anyplace it may become a hazard. It is a heavy window after all. Thank you.


For Inside use only. 


Windows will be packaged and shipped by UPS. Some delay may take place between dropping off window for packaging and actual shipment. We will notify of expected delivery date once the window is dropped off.

  • Return Policy:

    There will be no returns made on this product. 

  • Care Instructions:

    Caring for your window is amazingly easy. It is just like any other window in the front. The artwork is on the back of the window, For this side NO CLEANER MAY BE USED. If back side becomes dusty, simply clean with a dry warm cloth. 

    Artist signature is on the back of the window.

  • Size Of Windows:

    Size Of Windows Vary. (Please check the "Title" of each window for size)

  • Shipping:

    We offer free shipping for products over $100. We insure our packages for the value price of the order. Insurance will be made in our nam so you are not inconvieced by filing a claim. 

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