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Mergirl Collection

Mergirl Collection


Check out our Lovely Mergirls! Each one is hand painted onto recycled palette wood. Each piece of wood is hand sanded, scrubbed clean and then painted with exterior friendly paint. Our Lovely Ladies can live outside or inside, as long as the care instructions are followed.


Each piece has been delicately hand painted and is ready to be shipped as is. Care instructions are not needed IF Artwork will be inside. If you chose to place outside, please keep away from harsh exterior elements. Care Instructions are listed below.

Chose Your Artwork:
  • Care Instructions For Artwork

    Caring for your Artwork is Easy! NEVER apply a lacquer or varnish with a BRUSH! It will wash away the paint. A SPRAY lacquer or varnish will safely preserve your sign for years to come. Place your sign out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. To prevent Warping or Rot, place your sign out of weather conditions.

    If Artwork is being placed inside, no care instructions are needed.

  • Sizes:

    The size of each Mergirl may vary due to nature of recycled wood. Some are long, some are short, Some may even have a nail or two on the side of the piece or maybe a few left over nail holes.

    Estimated Sizes: 3-4 inches wide 13-16 inches long.

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