The 365 Art Trek 

By Jennifer Nicole!!! 

 A new year and a brand new Art Trek! What started out on a whim so many eyars ago,  has now become  a daily obsession. What daily will I create today? 


2013: Art Trek:

It began on a whim, it really did. I wanted to see if I could create art every day no matter what. This Trek was all about Art!My signs, windows, and large artwork from my business + all my digital art. Anything and everything I could draw, paint, or create was included on this Trek. 


2014: Art Trek II: The Wrath Of Art!

 This Trek was all about the Ipad and what I could do on it.  I drew every day in my sketchbook ink and sketchbook pro programs on my ipad. It wasn't always easy but it was always portable. You don't know the meaning of commitment until you find yourself drawing every where you eat, sleep, work and visit. 

2015: Art Trek III: The Search For More Art!

It is all about learning new programs and apps. It is time I move out of my comfort zone and into learning new things, no matter how painful the process may be. 


I don't know where this adventure will take me yet....

but I sure am happy to go on a new journey! 


© All images copyrighted by Jennifer Nicole -  Art In The Garage